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Renovating for your Health

By choosing greener paints, flooring, insulation, and appliances, you are making decisions that will help save valuable natural resources and also minimize exposure to toxins and chemicals.
Your newly renovated green home will not only save you money, but will spare the environment andyour health.

Renovating for Energy Savings


Green renovating provides you with an opportunity to create a home that is more energy efficient. Many of the older windows leak heat, raising the cost of your heating bill. This will help you to conserve energy, lower your home's greenhouse gas emissions, and save you money over the long term. If you're buying new appliances or electronics, we can help you look for those with the highest Energy Star rating.

Insulation is a cheap investment that will help protect you against rising bills for many years to come. Be sure to complete insulation in the roof, exterior walls and ground floor.

Renovating for the Planet


Replace your old appliances with new energy efficient ones. High efficiency toilets will cut down on your water waste.

If you’re looking for hardwood floors, try bamboo or cork. Bamboo can be harvested in 3 years, unlike oak trees which take around 120 years to mature. Cork flooring is sustainably harvested, and offers benefits, such as being naturally mold-resistant and extremely durable. Plus, it's biodegradable so it won't live for eternity in a landfill when it's removed.

What We Are Doing

We donate to Habitat for Humanity. So whether we are renovating your house or replacing your old but working appliances,we recycle and donate everything we can.
Even our webhost GreenGeeks puts 300% wind energy back into the grid.

And don't worry, we can help you go green on a budget! Just tell us what you want and we turn your dreams into reality.
Green Tips for the Home
Energy efficient light bulbs
Unplug your unused electronics and appliances
Install water-saving features